ISO 15926-4:2007

These webpages provide a "web browsable" version of the ISO 15926-4:2007 reference data items.

These web pages are not part of the standard; the standardized reference data items are available as spreadsheets at the following address: However, these pages are produced with the standardized speadsheets as source so content differences between the two representations are due to technical differences between the formats html/xml and spreadsheets.

Each reference data item web page contains the following data:

Instructions: To browse first choose a spreadsheet in the top left frame. This will list the reference data items in this spreadsheet in the bottom left frame. Clicking a reference data item from the list will display the reference data item in this frame. A reference data item is related to other reference data items; the related reference data items may be explored clicking on the links.

The editors of ISO 15926-4:2007 are
Part editor 1: Magne Valen-Sendstad, DNV
Part editor 2: David Leal, Caesar Systems

These web pages are produced by Martin G. Skjæveland, DNV.