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ISO 15926-2 in OWL

The OWL ontology of ISO 15926-14 is the result of a reworking of ISO 15926-2 (2003). As an intermediate effort to make ISO 15926 usable with OWL, PCA in 2008 produced an OWL version of the EXPRESS schema of Part 2 (for details, see ISO 15926-2 in OWL).

As of 2022, two files are still available. These are useful for inspection of the original Part 2 schema, together with definitions, notes, and examples.

Entity Types

Inspecting the file using Protégé Desktop

To inspect the ISO 15926-2 OWL rendering in the Protégé editor, use open from URL with the URI of the metadata ontology http://rds.posccaesar.org/2008/07/OWL/ISO-15926-2_2003_annotations; this will automatically retrieve the entity types as well.

The entity type hierarchy and annotations will appear as in the following screenshot.

Workaround: The OWL List ontology

The ISO 15926-2 OWL rendering imports the OWL List ontology, which is no longer available from its original location at www.co-ode.org, and Protégé will display the following warning. Unless you have a local copy available, select “No”. The absence of OWL lists only affects the ISO 15926-2 entity types MultidimensionalObject and ClassOfMultidimensionalObject.

A replacement for the OWL List ontology is available at https://w3id.org/list, although with a different namespace (2015).