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A modern ontology for industrial applications

On these pages, you will find the PLM-RDL ontology. Based on the ISO 15926-14 upper ontology, this provides an expressive, yet efficient language for describing industrial assets. The ontology is built with W3C’s OWL 2, the de facto standard for ontologies.

Active user community

The ISO 15926-14 ontology is applied by enterprises in several engineering domains. Our current users include …

Developed by the industry

Subject Matter Experts in READI.

Ready for use in applications

Application developers benefit from Linked Data access and SPARQL endpoints.

Extensive links to other libraries

The PLM-RDL vocabulary provides cross-references to commonly used libraries like CFIHOS, DEXPI, and legacy PCA-RDL content, using the W3C SKOS vocabulary.

Extendable to new domains

Use the PLM-RDL template library to extend the ontology with your own content, in a consistent and reliable way.