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A class with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/lis14/rdl/Artefact

MetadataThis section provides information about 'Artefact' itself.

Source ontologyIndustrial Data Ontology
is primitivetrue
natural language definitionA 'physical object' that has been created as the result of deliberate activity.
primitive rationaleTo give a precise account of "making" goes beyond the scope of IDO. An account would engage notions on which there is no clear consensus, including intentional notions of intended purpose, and of goal-directed action; of permanence and integrity; etc. There is an abundance of edge cases for "artefact".
usage noteThis is an appropriate superclass "hook" for building a hierarchy of industrial item types, including types of equipment, devices, assemblies, buildings, and products.
In IDO, the term 'artefact' is reserved for physical objects, on the consideration that any information object will be a made entity.
The superclass of 'artefact' is not 'inanimate physical object', in order to allow for artificially made organisms as 'artefact's.
Examplea pressure transmitter, a process plant, a wrench, a computer.

ConstraintsThis section lists constraints that members of 'Artefact' shall satisfy.

ContextThis section provides super- and subtypes as well as members of 'Artefact'.