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A class with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/lis14/rdl/FunctionalObject

MetadataThis section provides information about 'FunctionalObject' itself.

Source ontologyIndustrial Data Ontology
is primitivefalse
natural language definitionAn 'object' that provides a required 'function'.
semi-formal natural language axiomIf x is a 'functional object', then x is an 'object' that 'has function' some 'function'.
usage noteA password must be concretized, this is done when it is entered, the password performs the function of unlocking the computer. The password participates in the unlocking process through its concretization.
A "tag" (see [[term:tag]]), when included in an IDO asset model, should in general have a type that is subclass of both 'functional object' and 'artefact'.
Artefact types tend to be described primarily in terms of 'function'; for example, the "minimal" definition of a pump would be, "a physical artefact, the function of which is to pump (to be the active participant in a pumping activity)". This kind of definition places no restriction on physical make-up and is suitable for a subclass of 'functional object'. Note that the activity type of 'pumping' is here a precursor to the definition of the physical object type 'pump'. A taxonomy of pump classes should extend from a class 'pump' defined solely in terms of function, as above.
See alsoISO 15926-2:2003 'functional_physical_object'
ExampleA pump, a hammer, a password.

ConstraintsThis section lists constraints that members of 'FunctionalObject' shall satisfy.

ContextThis section provides super- and subtypes as well as members of 'FunctionalObject'.