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A class with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/lis14/rdl/ScalarQuantityDatum

MetadataThis section provides information about 'ScalarQuantityDatum' itself.

Source ontology PCA 'Part 14' upper ontology
relatedEntityISO15926 lis12:PhysicalQuantity
Comment A scalar quantity datum has a unique unit of measure and a unique numeric value. This class is inspired by the class "scalar measurement datum" of the Information Artefact Ontology.
See also obo:IAO_0000032

ConstraintsThis section lists constraints that members of 'ScalarQuantityDatum' shall satisfy.

datumValue some rdfs:Literal

ContextThis section provides super- and subtypes as well as members of 'ScalarQuantityDatum'.

dimensionless property datum
thermodynamic temperature datum
electric current datum
luminous flux datum
length datum
speed datum
acceleration datum
area datum
current density datum
illuminance datum
kinematic viscosity datum
volume datum
volumetric flow rate datum
mass datum
dynamic viscosity datum
force datum
pressure datum
thermal conductivity datum
energy datum
heat capacity datum
power datum
electric potential datum
electrical resistance datum
capacitance datum
density datum
mass flow datum
surface tension datum
magnetic flux density datum
heat transfer coefficient datum
amount of substance datum
time datum
angular speed datum
frequency datum
electric charge datum
sound pressure level datum
linear thermal expansion datum
molar mass datum
absorbed dose rate datum
angular acceleration datum
angular momentum datum
angular stiffness datum
arc length datum
area moment of inertia datum
catalytic activity datum
catalytic activity concentration datum
concentration datum
dynamic density datum
electric charge density datum
electric conductance datum
electric conductivity datum
electric field strength datum
electric flux density datum
electric inductance datum
electric resistance per length datum
energy density datum
energy dose datum
entropy datum
exposure datum
fouling resistance datum
impulse datum
Kelvin-Joule effect datum
length ratio datum
linear density datum
luminance datum
magnetic field strength datum
magnetic flux datum
magnetic permeability datum
mass flow rate area datum
mass moment of inertia datum
molar energy datum
molar entropy datum
molar flow rate datum
molar volume datum
permittivity datum
power density datum
power per length datum
power specific fuel consumption datum
pressure rate change datum
radiance datum
radiant intensity datum
radioactivity concentration datum
rhov2 datum
slope of vapor press with temp datum
solid angle datum
specific absorption rate datum
specific energy datum
specific heat capacity datum
specific length datum
specific volume datum
specific weight datum
surface charge density datum
surface density datum
thermal insulation datum
time ratio datum
reciprocal length datum
viscosity datum
volume flow rate per area datum
angular distance datum
force per length datum
capacitance per length datum
dose rate datum
inductance per unit length datum
inverse temperature datum
pressure change datum
specific surface area datum
square root of pressure datum
temperature per time datum
torque datum
linear mass density datum
rate of change datum
weight per unit area datum