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An object property with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/lis14/rdl/hasPassiveParticipant

MetadataThis section provides information about 'hasPassiveParticipant' itself.

Source ontologyIndustrial Data Ontology
is primitivetrue
natural language definitionif x 'has passive participant' y, then x is a passive participant in y.
primitive rationaleThe distinction between active and participation participation is primitive.
usage noteWith OWL property chains, the right kind of participation can be secured for activities that count as realizations of 'potential' individuals. As in, a bolt is a passive participant in a bolt-driving activity, where its disposition to enter a threaded hole is realized (distinct from the bolt's function, which is realized in a subsequent activity of holding pieces together).
This is a covering relation for passive participation, i.e., being acted on by other participants in an activity, or playing a supporting role.
See alsopassiveParticipantIn
ExampleA metal plate is perforated in a drilling activity, a volume of liquid is heated in a heat transmission activity, a loading ramp is the location of an offloading activity, a fluid medium is pumped, a piece of metal is shaped, a stream of data is filtered.

ConstraintsThis section lists constraints that members of 'hasPassiveParticipant' shall satisfy.

Disjoint withnone

ContextThis section provides super- and subproperties as well as members of 'hasPassiveParticipant'.