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An ontology with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/plm/ont/chebi-adapt

MetadataThis section provides information about the ontology itself.

Version IRI <http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/plm/ont/chebi-adapt/0.9.0>
Version info 0.9.0
Comment ChEBI entities ontology for PLM RDL

EntitiesThis section provides tabs for the different types of terms provided by the ontology.

actinium (ChEBI concept)
aluminium-26 (ChEBI concept)
aluminium-27 (ChEBI concept)
aluminium-28 (ChEBI concept)
americium (ChEBI concept)
antimony-121 (ChEBI concept)
antimony-123 (ChEBI concept)
argon-39 (ChEBI concept)
arsenic-75 (ChEBI concept)
astatine (ChEBI concept)
barium (ChEBI concept)
berkelium (ChEBI concept)
beryllium (ChEBI concept)
bismuth (ChEBI concept)
bohrium (ChEBI concept)
boron-10 (ChEBI concept)
boron-11 (ChEBI concept)
bromine-79 (ChEBI concept)
butane (ChEBI concept)
cadmium-111 (ChEBI concept)
cadmium-113 (ChEBI concept)
caesium (ChEBI concept)
calcium-43 (ChEBI concept)
californium (ChEBI concept)
carbon dioxide (ChEBI concept)
carbon-10 (ChEBI concept)
carbon-11 (ChEBI concept)
carbon-12 (ChEBI concept)
carbon-13 (ChEBI concept)
carbon-14 (ChEBI concept)
cerium (ChEBI concept)
chlorine (ChEBI concept)
chromium-51 (ChEBI concept)
cobalt-59 (ChEBI concept)
copernicium (ChEBI concept)
copper (ChEBI concept)
curium (ChEBI concept)
darmstadtium (ChEBI concept)
deuterium (ChEBI concept)
diethylene glycol (ChEBI concept)
dihydrogen (ChEBI concept)
dinitrogen (ChEBI concept)
dubnium (ChEBI concept)
dysprosium (ChEBI concept)
einsteinium (ChEBI concept)
erbium (ChEBI concept)
ethane (ChEBI concept)
ethanol (ChEBI concept)
ethylene glycol (ChEBI concept)
europium-151 (ChEBI concept)
fermium (ChEBI concept)
fluorine-18 (ChEBI concept)
fluorine-19 (ChEBI concept)
francium (ChEBI concept)
gadolinium (ChEBI concept)
gallium (ChEBI concept)
germanium-73 (ChEBI concept)
gold (ChEBI concept)
hafnium (ChEBI concept)
hassium (ChEBI concept)
heavy metal (ChEBI concept)
helium-3 (ChEBI concept)
helium-4 (ChEBI concept)
helium-6 (ChEBI concept)
helium-8 (ChEBI concept)
heptane (ChEBI concept)
hexane (ChEBI concept)
holmium (ChEBI concept)
hydrocarbon (ChEBI concept)
hydrogen sulfide (ChEBI concept)
indium (ChEBI concept)
iodine-127 (ChEBI concept)
iodine-129 (ChEBI concept)
iridium (ChEBI concept)
iron-57 (ChEBI concept)
isobutane (ChEBI concept)
isopentane (ChEBI concept)
krypton (ChEBI concept)
lanthanum-139 (ChEBI concept)
lawrencium (ChEBI concept)
lead (ChEBI concept)
lithium-6 (ChEBI concept)
lithium-7 (ChEBI concept)
lutetium (ChEBI concept)
magnesium-25 (ChEBI concept)
manganese-55 (ChEBI concept)
meitnerium (ChEBI concept)
mendelevium (ChEBI concept)
mercury (ChEBI concept)
methane (ChEBI concept)
methanol (ChEBI concept)
molybdenum-95 (ChEBI concept)
molybdenum-98 (ChEBI concept)
neodymium (ChEBI concept)
neon (ChEBI concept)
neptunium (ChEBI concept)
nickel-60 (ChEBI concept)
niobium-93 (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-13 (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-14 (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-15 (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-16 (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-17 (ChEBI concept)
nobelium (ChEBI concept)
nonane (ChEBI concept)
octane (ChEBI concept)
osmium (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-15 (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-16 (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-17 (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-18 (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-19 (ChEBI concept)
palladium (ChEBI concept)
pentane (ChEBI concept)
phosphorus-31 (ChEBI concept)
phosphorus-32 (ChEBI concept)
phosphorus-33 (ChEBI concept)
platinum (ChEBI concept)
plutonium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-190 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-191 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-192 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-193 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-194 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-195 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-196 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-197 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-198 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-199 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-200 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-201 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-202 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-203 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-204 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-205 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-206 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-207 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-208 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-209 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-210 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-211 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-212 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-213 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-214 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-215 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-216 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-217 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-218 (ChEBI concept)
potassium-39 (ChEBI concept)
praseodymium (ChEBI concept)
promethium (ChEBI concept)
propane (ChEBI concept)
protactinium (ChEBI concept)
protium (ChEBI concept)
radium (ChEBI concept)
radon-219 (ChEBI concept)
radon-220 (ChEBI concept)
radon-222 (ChEBI concept)
rhenium (ChEBI concept)
rhodium (ChEBI concept)
roentgenium (ChEBI concept)
rubidium-85 (ChEBI concept)
rubidium-87 (ChEBI concept)
ruthenium (ChEBI concept)
rutherfordium (ChEBI concept)
samarium (ChEBI concept)
scandium-45 (ChEBI concept)
seaborgium (ChEBI concept)
selenium-77 (ChEBI concept)
selenium-82 (ChEBI concept)
silicon-28 (ChEBI concept)
silicon-29 (ChEBI concept)
silicon-30 (ChEBI concept)
silicon-31 (ChEBI concept)
silicon-32 (ChEBI concept)
silver (ChEBI concept)
sodium-23 (ChEBI concept)
strontium-88 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-32 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-33 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-34 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-35 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-36 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-37 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-38 (ChEBI concept)
tantalum (ChEBI concept)
technetium-99 (ChEBI concept)
tellurium-125 (ChEBI concept)
terbium (ChEBI concept)
thallium-199 (ChEBI concept)
thallium-201 (ChEBI concept)
thallium-203 (ChEBI concept)
thallium-205 (ChEBI concept)
thorium (ChEBI concept)
thulium (ChEBI concept)
tin-115 (ChEBI concept)
tin-116 (ChEBI concept)
tin-117 (ChEBI concept)
tin-118 (ChEBI concept)
tin-119 (ChEBI concept)
tin-120 (ChEBI concept)
titanium (ChEBI concept)
triethylene glycol (ChEBI concept)
tritium (ChEBI concept)
tungsten-183 (ChEBI concept)
uranium (ChEBI concept)
vanadium (ChEBI concept)
water (ChEBI concept)
xenon-129 (ChEBI concept)
ytterbium (ChEBI concept)
yttrium-89 (ChEBI concept)
zinc-65 (ChEBI concept)
zinc-66 (ChEBI concept)
zirconium (ChEBI concept)