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A1E0L0I0M0H0T0D0 (QUDT concept)

A named individual with identifier http://qudt.org/vocab/dimensionvector/A1E0L0I0M0H0T0D0

MetadataThis section provides information about 'A1E0L0I0M0H0T0D0' itself.

Source ontology uom
identifier http://qudt.org/vocab/dimensionvector/A1E0L0I0M0H0T0D0
Comment External RDL entity
Is defined by QUDT ontology entities

AttributesThis section lists attribute values of 'A1E0L0I0M0H0T0D0'.


ContextThis section provides classes and properties of 'A1E0L0I0M0H0T0D0' as well as situations where it occurs as a property value.