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OM ontology entities

A named individual with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/plm/rdl/PCA_100003770

MetadataThis section provides information about 'PCA_100003770' itself.

Source ontology core
Comment An entity defined by the Ontology of units of Measure (OM).
Is defined by <http://www.foodvoc.org/page/om-2>
See also <https://github.com/HajoRijgersberg/OM>
skos:member acceleration (OM concept)
amount of substance (OM concept)
amount of substance fraction (OM concept)
angle (OM concept)
angular speed (OM concept)
angular velocity (OM concept)
area (OM concept)
capacitance (OM concept)
current density (OM concept)
density (OM concept)
diameter (angle) (OM concept)
dynamic viscosity (OM concept)
electric charge (OM concept)
electric current (OM concept)
electric potential (OM concept)
electrical resistance (OM concept)
electromotive force (OM concept)
energy (OM concept)
force (OM concept)
frequency (OM concept)
heat capacity (OM concept)
heat transfer coefficient (OM concept)
illuminance (OM concept)
kinematic viscosity (OM concept)
length (OM concept)
luminous flux (OM concept)
luminous intensity (OM concept)
magnetic flux density (OM concept)
mass (OM concept)
mass flow (OM concept)
molar mass (OM concept)
moment of force (OM concept)
number (OM concept)
potential difference (OM concept)
power (OM concept)
pressure (OM concept)
ratio (OM concept)
speed (OM concept)
surface tension (OM concept)
thermal conductivity (OM concept)
thermodynamic temperature (OM concept)
time (OM concept)
velocity (OM concept)
volume (OM concept)
volumetric flow rate (OM concept)
ampere (OM concept)
ampere hour (OM concept)
bar (OM concept)
barrel (US) (OM concept)
calorie (thermochemical) (OM concept)
centilitre (OM concept)
centimetre (OM concept)
cubic decimetre (OM concept)
cubic metre (OM concept)
cubic metre per second (OM concept)
day (OM concept)
decibel (OM concept)
decilitre (OM concept)
decimetre (OM concept)
degree (OM concept)
degree Celsius (OM concept)
degree Fahrenheit (OM concept)
farad (OM concept)
foot (international) (OM concept)
gigahertz (OM concept)
gram (OM concept)
hertz (OM concept)
hour (OM concept)
inch (international) (OM concept)
joule (OM concept)
kelvin (OM concept)
kiloampere (OM concept)
kilogram (OM concept)
kilogram per cubic metre (OM concept)
kilogram per mole (OM concept)
kilohm (OM concept)
kilometre (OM concept)
kilometre per hour (OM concept)
kilonewton (OM concept)
kilowatt (OM concept)
litre (OM concept)
litre per hour (OM concept)
lumen (OM concept)
lux (OM concept)
megahertz (OM concept)
megapascal (OM concept)
megawatt (OM concept)
metre (OM concept)
metre per second (OM concept)
metre per second squared (OM concept)
micrometre (OM concept)
milliampere (OM concept)
millibar (OM concept)
millilitre (OM concept)
millimetre (OM concept)
millisecond (OM concept)
minute (angle) (OM concept)
minute (OM concept)
mole (OM concept)
mole per mole (OM concept)
newton (OM concept)
newton metre (OM concept)
ohm (OM concept)
parts per million (OM concept)
pascal (OM concept)
percent (OM concept)
radian (OM concept)
second (angle) (OM concept)
second (OM concept)
square metre (OM concept)
square millimetre (OM concept)
tesla (OM concept)
volt (OM concept)
watt (OM concept)
watt per square metre kelvin (OM concept)
week (OM concept)

AttributesThis section lists attribute values of 'PCA_100003770'.


ContextThis section provides classes and properties of 'PCA_100003770' as well as situations where it occurs as a property value.