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ChEBI ontology entities

A named individual with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/plm/rdl/PCA_100004914

MetadataThis section provides information about 'PCA_100004914' itself.

Source ontologycore
CommentAn entity defined by the Chemical Entities of Biological Interest (ChEBI) ontology
Is defined by<https://www.ebi.ac.uk/chebi/>
skos:memberhelium-4 (ChEBI concept)
americium (ChEBI concept)
zirconium (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-36 (ChEBI concept)
radon (ChEBI concept)
bismuth (ChEBI concept)
cobalt-59 (ChEBI concept)
pentane (ChEBI concept)
chromium-51 (ChEBI concept)
thallium-203 (ChEBI concept)
bromine-79 (ChEBI concept)
mercury (ChEBI concept)
cobalt (ChEBI concept)
gadolinium (ChEBI concept)
yttrium-89 (ChEBI concept)
darmstadtium (ChEBI concept)
rhenium (ChEBI concept)
rutherfordium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-209 (ChEBI concept)
lanthanum-139 (ChEBI concept)
heptane (ChEBI concept)
sodium-23 (ChEBI concept)
erbium (ChEBI concept)
isopentane (ChEBI concept)
ytterbium (ChEBI concept)
lithium-7 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-38 (ChEBI concept)
tin-117 (ChEBI concept)
cadmium-113 (ChEBI concept)
silver (ChEBI concept)
molybdenum-98 (ChEBI concept)
selenium-77 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-37 (ChEBI concept)
calcium (ChEBI concept)
dinitrogen (ChEBI concept)
boron-11 (ChEBI concept)
einsteinium (ChEBI concept)
fluorine-18 (ChEBI concept)
thorium (ChEBI concept)
radon-222 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-211 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-201 (ChEBI concept)
aluminium-26 (ChEBI concept)
silicon-30 (ChEBI concept)
carbon dioxide (ChEBI concept)
potassium-39 (ChEBI concept)
aluminium-27 (ChEBI concept)
molybdenum (ChEBI concept)
seaborgium (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-15 (ChEBI concept)
technetium-99 (ChEBI concept)
barium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-206 (ChEBI concept)
scandium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-193 (ChEBI concept)
uranium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-215 (ChEBI concept)
indium (ChEBI concept)
ethanol (ChEBI concept)
selenium-82 (ChEBI concept)
tritium (ChEBI concept)
copernicium (ChEBI concept)
butane (ChEBI concept)
helium-3 (ChEBI concept)
plutonium (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-34 (ChEBI concept)
ethane (ChEBI concept)
polonium (ChEBI concept)
sulfur (ChEBI concept)
helium (ChEBI concept)
lithium (ChEBI concept)
rhodium (ChEBI concept)
technetium (ChEBI concept)
radium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-218 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-208 (ChEBI concept)
phosphorus-32 (ChEBI concept)
germanium (ChEBI concept)
xenon (ChEBI concept)
ethylene glycol (ChEBI concept)
antimony-123 (ChEBI concept)
water (ChEBI concept)
molybdenum-95 (ChEBI concept)
copper (ChEBI concept)
oxygen (ChEBI concept)
hassium (ChEBI concept)
argon-39 (ChEBI concept)
thulium (ChEBI concept)
tin-116 (ChEBI concept)
boron-10 (ChEBI concept)
zinc (ChEBI concept)
californium (ChEBI concept)
bromine (ChEBI concept)
radon-220 (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-14 (ChEBI concept)
manganese (ChEBI concept)
octane (ChEBI concept)
polonium-210 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-200 (ChEBI concept)
silicon-28 (ChEBI concept)
iodine-127 (ChEBI concept)
fluorine (ChEBI concept)
gold (ChEBI concept)
palladium (ChEBI concept)
nickel (ChEBI concept)
carbon-12 (ChEBI concept)
astatine (ChEBI concept)
polonium-205 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-192 (ChEBI concept)
nobelium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-214 (ChEBI concept)
carbon-11 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-32 (ChEBI concept)
deuterium (ChEBI concept)
gallium (ChEBI concept)
arsenic (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-13 (ChEBI concept)
samarium (ChEBI concept)
heavy metal (ChEBI concept)
polonium-196 (ChEBI concept)
tin (ChEBI concept)
propane (ChEBI concept)
neptunium (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-33 (ChEBI concept)
arsenic-75 (ChEBI concept)
protactinium (ChEBI concept)
phosphorus (ChEBI concept)
actinium (ChEBI concept)
strontium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-217 (ChEBI concept)
niobium (ChEBI concept)
yttrium (ChEBI concept)
cadmium (ChEBI concept)
phosphorus-31 (ChEBI concept)
thallium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-216 (ChEBI concept)
neon (ChEBI concept)
thallium-201 (ChEBI concept)
dysprosium (ChEBI concept)
germanium-73 (ChEBI concept)
dubnium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-199 (ChEBI concept)
cerium (ChEBI concept)
tellurium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-198 (ChEBI concept)
tin-118 (ChEBI concept)
tungsten (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-18 (ChEBI concept)
tin-120 (ChEBI concept)
triethylene glycol (ChEBI concept)
iridium (ChEBI concept)
europium-151 (ChEBI concept)
dihydrogen (ChEBI concept)
tungsten-183 (ChEBI concept)
iron (ChEBI concept)
berkelium (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-17 (ChEBI concept)
zinc-65 (ChEBI concept)
curium (ChEBI concept)
silicon-29 (ChEBI concept)
caesium (ChEBI concept)
beryllium (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-16 (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-17 (ChEBI concept)
magnesium-25 (ChEBI concept)
chromium (ChEBI concept)
hexane (ChEBI concept)
carbon-10 (ChEBI concept)
xenon-129 (ChEBI concept)
sodium (ChEBI concept)
titanium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-191 (ChEBI concept)
meitnerium (ChEBI concept)
mendelevium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-204 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-213 (ChEBI concept)
carbon-13 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-190 (ChEBI concept)
hydrogen sulfide (ChEBI concept)
silicon-32 (ChEBI concept)
methane (ChEBI concept)
cadmium-111 (ChEBI concept)
protium (ChEBI concept)
vanadium (ChEBI concept)
methanol (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-15 (ChEBI concept)
promethium (ChEBI concept)
helium-8 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-195 (ChEBI concept)
thallium-199 (ChEBI concept)
nonane (ChEBI concept)
nickel-60 (ChEBI concept)
carbon (ChEBI concept)
silicon (ChEBI concept)
platinum (ChEBI concept)
lanthanum (ChEBI concept)
francium (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-35 (ChEBI concept)
hafnium (ChEBI concept)
hydrocarbon (ChEBI concept)
lawrencium (ChEBI concept)
aluminium-28 (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen (ChEBI concept)
rubidium (ChEBI concept)
calcium-43 (ChEBI concept)
osmium (ChEBI concept)
thallium-205 (ChEBI concept)
antimony-121 (ChEBI concept)
terbium (ChEBI concept)
tantalum (ChEBI concept)
iron-57 (ChEBI concept)
roentgenium (ChEBI concept)
bohrium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-197 (ChEBI concept)
tin-119 (ChEBI concept)
iodine-129 (ChEBI concept)
potassium (ChEBI concept)
iodine (ChEBI concept)
scandium-45 (ChEBI concept)
isobutane (ChEBI concept)
praseodymium (ChEBI concept)
selenium (ChEBI concept)
niobium-93 (ChEBI concept)
rubidium-85 (ChEBI concept)
lutetium (ChEBI concept)
argon (ChEBI concept)
tin-115 (ChEBI concept)
phosphorus-33 (ChEBI concept)
rubidium-87 (ChEBI concept)
antimony (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-16 (ChEBI concept)
strontium-88 (ChEBI concept)
lithium-6 (ChEBI concept)
holmium (ChEBI concept)
tellurium-125 (ChEBI concept)
aluminium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-203 (ChEBI concept)
fermium (ChEBI concept)
radon-219 (ChEBI concept)
carbon-14 (ChEBI concept)
lead (ChEBI concept)
manganese-55 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-212 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-202 (ChEBI concept)
silicon-31 (ChEBI concept)
krypton (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-19 (ChEBI concept)
europium (ChEBI concept)
neodymium (ChEBI concept)
fluorine-19 (ChEBI concept)
helium-6 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-194 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-207 (ChEBI concept)
boron (ChEBI concept)
diethylene glycol (ChEBI concept)
zinc-66 (ChEBI concept)
ruthenium (ChEBI concept)
chlorine (ChEBI concept)

AttributesThis section lists attribute values of 'PCA_100004914'.


ContextThis section provides classes and properties of 'PCA_100004914' as well as situations where it occurs as a property value.