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P&ID Symbol

A class with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/plm/rdl/PCA_100004920

MetadataThis section provides information about 'PCA_100004920' itself.

Source ontologycore
CommentA symbol for use in piping and instrumentation diagrams.

ConstraintsThis section lists constraints that members of 'PCA_100004920' shall satisfy.

ContextThis section provides super- and subtypes as well as members of 'PCA_100004920'.

OPC Flow Right (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Gate (DEXPI symbol)
Inline Mixer (DEXPI symbol)
Flow T. Turbine (DEXPI symbol)
Flow T. Element (DEXPI symbol)
Compressor Centrifugal (DEXPI symbol)
Flow Control Check Valve (DEXPI symbol)
Pump Sump (DEXPI symbol)
Mixed Or Barred Tee (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Needle (DEXPI symbol)
Hydrocyclon (DEXPI symbol)
Drives Type by XX (DEXPI symbol)
Pump Diaphragm (DEXPI symbol)
Spacer (DEXPI symbol)
Radioactive Source (DEXPI symbol)
Blower (DEXPI symbol)
Swivel Joint (DEXPI symbol)
Equipment Box: Pumps (DEXPI symbol)
Gully Drain (DEXPI symbol)
Nozzle (DEXPI symbol)
Well (DEXPI symbol)
Manual Actuator (DEXPI symbol)
Air Cooled Induced (DEXPI symbol)
Diaphragm Actuator (DEXPI symbol)
Strainer Duplex (DEXPI symbol)
Shut Down (DEXPI symbol)
Tank Dome Roof (DEXPI symbol)
Field Instrument Primary Mounted Accessable (DEXPI symbol)
Water Seal With Vent (DEXPI symbol)
Expansion Joint (DEXPI symbol)
Slide Gate (DEXPI symbol)
Feeder (DEXPI symbol)
Exch. Double Pipe (DEXPI symbol)
Weigh Feeder (DEXPI symbol)
Tank Open Pit (DEXPI symbol)
Spring Actuated Safety Valve (DEXPI symbol)
Flow T. Orifice Plate Quick Change (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Four Way (DEXPI symbol)
Eccentric Reducer (DEXPI symbol)
Flow T. Averaging Pitot (DEXPI symbol)
Pump Reciprocating (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Min. Flow And Check (DEXPI symbol)
Flow T. Rupture Disk (DEXPI symbol)
Pump Lift (DEXPI symbol)
Acoustic Noise Reducer (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Diaphragm (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Plug (DEXPI symbol)
Wedge Gate Valve (DEXPI symbol)
Exch. Fin (DEXPI symbol)
Field Operated PSV (DEXPI symbol)
Drive Electric Motor (DEXPI symbol)
Pump Centrifugal (DEXPI symbol)
Spade (DEXPI symbol)
Tank Open Unequal Wall Height (DEXPI symbol)
Pump Liquid Ring (DEXPI symbol)
Greylock (DEXPI symbol)
Equipment Box: Pressure Vessel (DEXPI symbol)
Gully Drain (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Plug (DEXPI symbol)
Bag Filter (DEXPI symbol)
General Block (DEXPI symbol)
Air Cooled Forced (DEXPI symbol)
Ballast Diaphragm Actuator (DEXPI symbol)
Strainer Temporary (DEXPI symbol)
Diffuser (DEXPI symbol)
Flow Direction (DEXPI symbol)
Mud Gun (DEXPI symbol)
Tank pressure Vessel Vertical (DEXPI symbol)
Instrument Electrical Powered Equipment (DEXPI symbol)
Vent (DEXPI symbol)
Flexible Hose (DEXPI symbol)
Screen (DEXPI symbol)
Drainage Pump (DEXPI symbol)
Exch. Shell and Tube (DEXPI symbol)
Pig LaunchersReceiver (DEXPI symbol)
Flow T. Positiv Disp. (DEXPI symbol)
Property Break (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Three Way (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Choke (DEXPI symbol)
Concentric Reducer (DEXPI symbol)
Ejector (DEXPI symbol)
Flow T. Sonic (DEXPI symbol)
Pump Triplex (DEXPI symbol)
Rotating Drum Strainer (DEXPI symbol)
Flow T. Flow Indicator (DEXPI symbol)
Pump Screw (DEXPI symbol)
Diaphragm Seal (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Pinch (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Block Bleed (DEXPI symbol)
Modular Valve Double Isolation and Bleed (DEXPI symbol)
Exch. Plate (DEXPI symbol)
Pressure Safety Valve (DEXPI symbol)
Conveyor Screw Front View (DEXPI symbol)
Flow T. Orifice Plate (DEXPI symbol)
Spectacle Blind NO (DEXPI symbol)
Tank Pressure Quick Open Lid (DEXPI symbol)
Pump Sliding Vane (DEXPI symbol)
Actuator Type W P D S (DEXPI symbol)
Hose Connection (DEXPI symbol)
Special Item (DEXPI symbol)
Manway (DEXPI symbol)
Level Profiler (DEXPI symbol)
Blow Out Preventer (DEXPI symbol)
Gutter (DEXPI symbol)
Piston (DEXPI symbol)
Pump Submerged Motor (DEXPI symbol)
Silencer (DEXPI symbol)
Equipment Box: Heat Ex. Compact (DEXPI symbol)
Mud Cleaner (DEXPI symbol)
Strainer T Type (DEXPI symbol)
Function available on VDU (DEXPI symbol)
Open or Tundish Drain (DEXPI symbol)
Tank Tote (DEXPI symbol)
Trap (DEXPI symbol)
Shale Shaker (DEXPI symbol)
Activator (DEXPI symbol)
Exch. Shell and Tube H$V (DEXPI symbol)
Centrifuge Drilling (DEXPI symbol)
Exch. Waste Heat Rec. Unit (DEXPI symbol)
Field Instrument (DEXPI symbol)
Blind Flange (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Floate (DEXPI symbol)
Ditch (DEXPI symbol)
Eductor (DEXPI symbol)
Flowmeter (DEXPI symbol)
Pump Proportioning (DEXPI symbol)
Double Isolation Ball Valve (DIB-1) 2 double piston effect. (DEXPI symbol)
Flow T. Flow Glass (DEXPI symbol)
General Electrical (DEXPI symbol)
Modular Valve Double Block Bleed and Check (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Check (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Ball (DEXPI symbol)
NozzleTee (DEXPI symbol)
Misc Vessel Column (DEXPI symbol)
Conveyor Screw (DEXPI symbol)
Flow T. Venturi (DEXPI symbol)
Crusher (DEXPI symbol)
Tank Tower (DEXPI symbol)
Pump Hand (DEXPI symbol)
Actuator Type E H M (DEXPI symbol)
Screwed Cap (DEXPI symbol)
Instrument Label (DEXPI symbol)
Manway Front View (DEXPI symbol)
Strainer Permanent (DEXPI symbol)
Thermowell (DEXPI symbol)
Nozzle (DEXPI symbol)
Burner (DEXPI symbol)
Dual Solenoid Actuator (DEXPI symbol)
Conveyor Mechanism (DEXPI symbol)
Drilling Hydrocyclone (DEXPI symbol)
Strainer Y Type (DEXPI symbol)
Non SAS Function in CCR (DEXPI symbol)
Drain Box (DEXPI symbol)
Tank Gas Bottle (DEXPI symbol)
Field Instrument Primary Mounted Inaccessable (DEXPI symbol)
Air Release Trap (DEXPI symbol)
Drilling Separator (DEXPI symbol)
Diverter Gate (DEXPI symbol)
Exch. Shell and Fuced Tube (DEXPI symbol)
Blowout Prevent Stack (DEXPI symbol)
Heater Electrical (DEXPI symbol)
Trap of Drainer (DEXPI symbol)
Flange (DEXPI symbol)
OPC Flow Left (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Globe (DEXPI symbol)
Union Coupling (DEXPI symbol)
Flow T. Vortex (DEXPI symbol)
Exch. Compact Heat (DEXPI symbol)
Double Isolation Ball Valve (DIB-2) 1 double piston and 1 self relieving seat. (DEXPI symbol)
Flow T. Electromagnetic (DEXPI symbol)
Compressor Screw (DEXPI symbol)
Virtual Piping Connector (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Vacuum Release (DEXPI symbol)
Agitator (DEXPI symbol)
Valve Butterfly (DEXPI symbol)
Flexible Hose With Couplings (DEXPI symbol)
Coriolis Flowmeter (DEXPI symbol)
Vent or Flare Tip (DEXPI symbol)
Flow T. Flow Nozzle (DEXPI symbol)
Turbine Type by XX (DEXPI symbol)
Pump Gear (DEXPI symbol)
Welded Cap (DEXPI symbol)
Pipeline slope (DEXPI symbol)
Reducing Flange (DEXPI symbol)
Equipment Box: Heat Ex. Shell Tube (DEXPI symbol)
Self Acting Reduction Valve (DEXPI symbol)
Flow in nozzle (DEXPI symbol)
Tank Atmospheric Storage (DEXPI symbol)
Spring Return Actuator (DEXPI symbol)
Centrifuge (DEXPI symbol)
Diverter Assembly (DEXPI symbol)
Strainer (DEXPI symbol)
Additional Level of Shut Down (DEXPI symbol)
Tank Cone Roof Silo (DEXPI symbol)
Field Instrument Auxillary Mounted Accessable (DEXPI symbol)
Flame Arrester (DEXPI symbol)
Flow Straight Vane (DEXPI symbol)
Rotary Valve (DEXPI symbol)
Reboiler (DEXPI symbol)
Gumbo Trap (DEXPI symbol)
Mixing Or Barred Tee (DEXPI symbol)
Seperator Membrane (DEXPI symbol)
Calibrating Gauge (DEXPI symbol)
Tank Hopper (DEXPI symbol)