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ChEBI classifier

A class with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/plm/rdl/PCA_100004935

MetadataThis section provides information about 'PCA_100004935' itself.

Source ontologycore
CommentA classifier (type) resource that is part of the ChEBI reference data library.

ConstraintsThis section lists constraints that members of 'PCA_100004935' shall satisfy.

ContextThis section provides super- and subtypes as well as members of 'PCA_100004935'.

radon-219 (ChEBI concept)
barium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-210 (ChEBI concept)
hexane (ChEBI concept)
magnesium-25 (ChEBI concept)
rubidium-85 (ChEBI concept)
palladium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-215 (ChEBI concept)
roentgenium (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen (ChEBI concept)
molybdenum-95 (ChEBI concept)
ethane (ChEBI concept)
triethylene glycol (ChEBI concept)
oxygen (ChEBI concept)
scandium (ChEBI concept)
carbon-13 (ChEBI concept)
neodymium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-194 (ChEBI concept)
dysprosium (ChEBI concept)
carbon (ChEBI concept)
polonium-199 (ChEBI concept)
tellurium-125 (ChEBI concept)
selenium-77 (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-15 (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-17 (ChEBI concept)
niobium (ChEBI concept)
ytterbium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-203 (ChEBI concept)
dubnium (ChEBI concept)
bromine (ChEBI concept)
astatine (ChEBI concept)
tin-117 (ChEBI concept)
protactinium (ChEBI concept)
aluminium-28 (ChEBI concept)
hydrocarbon (ChEBI concept)
polonium-208 (ChEBI concept)
tellurium (ChEBI concept)
silicon-28 (ChEBI concept)
cadmium-111 (ChEBI concept)
thallium-205 (ChEBI concept)
butane (ChEBI concept)
silver (ChEBI concept)
aluminium (ChEBI concept)
diethylene glycol (ChEBI concept)
technetium (ChEBI concept)
nickel (ChEBI concept)
curium (ChEBI concept)
germanium-73 (ChEBI concept)
holmium (ChEBI concept)
mendelevium (ChEBI concept)
iron-57 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-37 (ChEBI concept)
radon-222 (ChEBI concept)
radium (ChEBI concept)
strontium-88 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-214 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur (ChEBI concept)
darmstadtium (ChEBI concept)
potassium-39 (ChEBI concept)
water (ChEBI concept)
europium-151 (ChEBI concept)
carbon dioxide (ChEBI concept)
methane (ChEBI concept)
sodium (ChEBI concept)
carbon-14 (ChEBI concept)
technetium-99 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-193 (ChEBI concept)
iridium (ChEBI concept)
terbium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-198 (ChEBI concept)
chlorine (ChEBI concept)
boron-11 (ChEBI concept)
lead (ChEBI concept)
pentane (ChEBI concept)
iodine (ChEBI concept)
bismuth (ChEBI concept)
carbon-12 (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-16 (ChEBI concept)
argon-39 (ChEBI concept)
bromine-79 (ChEBI concept)
hafnium (ChEBI concept)
boron (ChEBI concept)
thulium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-202 (ChEBI concept)
praseodymium (ChEBI concept)
tantalum (ChEBI concept)
phosphorus (ChEBI concept)
fluorine (ChEBI concept)
tin-116 (ChEBI concept)
thorium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-207 (ChEBI concept)
tritium (ChEBI concept)
niobium-93 (ChEBI concept)
silicon-29 (ChEBI concept)
thallium-203 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-32 (ChEBI concept)
neon (ChEBI concept)
fluorine-19 (ChEBI concept)
manganese (ChEBI concept)
isobutane (ChEBI concept)
potassium (ChEBI concept)
calcium-43 (ChEBI concept)
hassium (ChEBI concept)
fermium (ChEBI concept)
yttrium-89 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-35 (ChEBI concept)
hydrogen sulfide (ChEBI concept)
lanthanum-139 (ChEBI concept)
cadmium (ChEBI concept)
radon-220 (ChEBI concept)
lithium (ChEBI concept)
strontium (ChEBI concept)
molybdenum-98 (ChEBI concept)
meitnerium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-213 (ChEBI concept)
nickel-60 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-218 (ChEBI concept)
iodine-127 (ChEBI concept)
iodine-129 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-192 (ChEBI concept)
methanol (ChEBI concept)
arsenic-75 (ChEBI concept)
argon (ChEBI concept)
gadolinium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-197 (ChEBI concept)
germanium (ChEBI concept)
helium-4 (ChEBI concept)
aluminium-26 (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-18 (ChEBI concept)
beryllium (ChEBI concept)
carbon-10 (ChEBI concept)
xenon (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-13 (ChEBI concept)
zirconium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-201 (ChEBI concept)
tin-118 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-206 (ChEBI concept)
deuterium (ChEBI concept)
helium-8 (ChEBI concept)
americium (ChEBI concept)
phosphorus-33 (ChEBI concept)
silicon-32 (ChEBI concept)
ruthenium (ChEBI concept)
osmium (ChEBI concept)
radon (ChEBI concept)
isopentane (ChEBI concept)
ethylene glycol (ChEBI concept)
heptane (ChEBI concept)
seaborgium (ChEBI concept)
silicon (ChEBI concept)
einsteinium (ChEBI concept)
lithium-6 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-36 (ChEBI concept)
antimony-123 (ChEBI concept)
propane (ChEBI concept)
cobalt (ChEBI concept)
francium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-212 (ChEBI concept)
octane (ChEBI concept)
zinc-66 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-217 (ChEBI concept)
rhenium (ChEBI concept)
scandium-45 (ChEBI concept)
heavy metal (ChEBI concept)
chromium (ChEBI concept)
dihydrogen (ChEBI concept)
polonium-191 (ChEBI concept)
actinium (ChEBI concept)
manganese-55 (ChEBI concept)
samarium (ChEBI concept)
molybdenum (ChEBI concept)
polonium-196 (ChEBI concept)
thallium (ChEBI concept)
tin (ChEBI concept)
helium-3 (ChEBI concept)
erbium (ChEBI concept)
nonane (ChEBI concept)
aluminium-27 (ChEBI concept)
rubidium-87 (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-17 (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-15 (ChEBI concept)
iron (ChEBI concept)
gallium (ChEBI concept)
titanium (ChEBI concept)
vanadium (ChEBI concept)
fluorine-18 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-200 (ChEBI concept)
rutherfordium (ChEBI concept)
arsenic (ChEBI concept)
zinc-65 (ChEBI concept)
tin-120 (ChEBI concept)
copper (ChEBI concept)
europium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-205 (ChEBI concept)
protium (ChEBI concept)
selenium (ChEBI concept)
helium-6 (ChEBI concept)
plutonium (ChEBI concept)
phosphorus-32 (ChEBI concept)
mercury (ChEBI concept)
silicon-31 (ChEBI concept)
thallium-199 (ChEBI concept)
caesium (ChEBI concept)
polonium (ChEBI concept)
bohrium (ChEBI concept)
californium (ChEBI concept)
cadmium-113 (ChEBI concept)
lawrencium (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-34 (ChEBI concept)
gold (ChEBI concept)
rubidium (ChEBI concept)
ethanol (ChEBI concept)
polonium-211 (ChEBI concept)
copernicium (ChEBI concept)
selenium-82 (ChEBI concept)
platinum (ChEBI concept)
polonium-216 (ChEBI concept)
indium (ChEBI concept)
cobalt-59 (ChEBI concept)
cerium (ChEBI concept)
krypton (ChEBI concept)
sodium-23 (ChEBI concept)
calcium (ChEBI concept)
chromium-51 (ChEBI concept)
yttrium (ChEBI concept)
carbon-11 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-190 (ChEBI concept)
lanthanum (ChEBI concept)
zinc (ChEBI concept)
promethium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-195 (ChEBI concept)
helium (ChEBI concept)
xenon-129 (ChEBI concept)
lithium-7 (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-16 (ChEBI concept)
oxygen-19 (ChEBI concept)
nitrogen-14 (ChEBI concept)
tin-119 (ChEBI concept)
lutetium (ChEBI concept)
polonium-204 (ChEBI concept)
tin-115 (ChEBI concept)
neptunium (ChEBI concept)
phosphorus-31 (ChEBI concept)
polonium-209 (ChEBI concept)
dinitrogen (ChEBI concept)
tungsten-183 (ChEBI concept)
silicon-30 (ChEBI concept)
thallium-201 (ChEBI concept)
antimony (ChEBI concept)
boron-10 (ChEBI concept)
berkelium (ChEBI concept)
rhodium (ChEBI concept)
uranium (ChEBI concept)
nobelium (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-33 (ChEBI concept)
antimony-121 (ChEBI concept)
sulfur-38 (ChEBI concept)
tungsten (ChEBI concept)