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3D CAD model - offshore, onshore and subsea

A class with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/plm/rdl/PCA_100006078

MetadataThis section provides information about 'PCA_100006078' itself.

Source ontologynorsok-z001
CommentThe 3D model shall be prepared according to Company's requirements.
NORSOK Z-001 rationaleThe documentation enabling visualisation of design and easier verification of design, dimensions, space (envelopes) and interfaces.
NORSOK Z-001 extended definitionThe model must be complete in order to check interface and possible interference with other equipments. All final dimensions and external geometry must be defined in the 3D model. Weight and center of gravity shall be defined in the 3D model and in the assembly drawing.
NORSOK Z-001 describes structural elementLocation
NORSOK Z-001 definitionThe 3D model shall be prepared according to Company's requirements.
skos:broadMatchon-site location information
construction entity information
in-construction entity location information
geometrical outline information
geometrical detail information
in/on-equipment location information
skos:broader3D/CAD model

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