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Electrical connection and wiring diagram – well completion

A class with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/plm/rdl/PCA_100006176

MetadataThis section provides information about 'PCA_100006176' itself.

Source ontology norsok-z001
NORSOK Z-001 extended definition The external connection diagram shall typically include:n - Tag number of equipmentn - External cable tag numbern - Earthing detailsnInternal wiring diagrams shall be supplied when relevant e.g. to show the wiring between different electrical equipment within a package, and shall typically include:n - Terminal block/socket numbern - Destination for internal cablesn - Earthing details
NORSOK Z-001 interests stakeholder category electrical engineering
skos:broadMatch circuitry information
termination information
skos:broader Diagram

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