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Metocean - meterological and oceanographical reports

A class with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/plm/rdl/PCA_100006325

MetadataThis section provides information about 'PCA_100006325' itself.

Source ontology norsok-z001
NORSOK Z-001 rationale The reports shall comply with requirements in: nWMO 1995 Technical regulation manual on codes, Vol I.1, WMO No. 306 Genova;nISO 19901-1 Petroleum and natural gas industries – Specific requirements for offshore structures – Part 1: Metocean design and operating considerations.
NORSOK Z-001 interests stakeholder category civil engineering
NORSOK Z-001 describes structural element Location
skos:broadMatch scientific information
function describing information
skos:broader Report

ConstraintsThis section lists constraints that members of 'PCA_100006325' shall satisfy.

ContextThis section provides super- and subtypes as well as members of 'PCA_100006325'.