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Welding procedure specification

A class with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/plm/rdl/PCA_100006536

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Source ontology norsok-z001
Comment Procedure in accordance with international standards.
NORSOK Z-001 rationale This document is a part of the Quality Assurance Plan, and herein the Quality Assurance work process and verification.nThis document provides a procedure for welding operator to ensure repeatability and formalism and hence prove the quality of the welding work.
NORSOK Z-001 extended definition Minor weld procedures are not required for Norsok M-650 approved manufacturers (covered by approval).n nRequirements related to assurance and check of quality in manufacturing phase will very much depend on Purchaser’s knowledge of supplier. Well known supplier, with proven track record, delivering products based on industry standards, will typically deliver less verification documentation to Purchaser than unknown/new supplier delivering the same product. Therefore, this deliverable should be evaluated as candidate for being available in digital format to Purchaser, for information only.
NORSOK Z-001 describes structural element Equipment
NORSOK Z-001 definition Procedure in accordance with international standards.
skos:broadMatch explanatory technical information
skos:broader Specification

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