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Z-001 Information Item

A named individual with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/ontology/plm/rdl/PCA_100006773

MetadataThis section provides information about 'PCA_100006773' itself.

Source ontologycore
skos:memberFire protection data sheet (FPDS)
Material traceability procedure
Pipe support drawings
Protective device setting list
Shore approach
Installation, operation and maintenance manual (IOM manual)
Hook-up /installation drawing
Buildings architectural drawings
EFAT report
Pipeline index
Damage control plan
Fiscal metering - Data exchange specifications
Telecommunication battery and charger capacity calculations
Piping installation procedure
Third party certificate
Anchor design reports
Electrical connection diagram
Lubrication index
Cause & effect (C&E)
Hydraulic schematic
Motion design reports
Termination and wiring diagram
Footprint drawing flexible risers
Mooring analysis model
Coating report
Landscaping drawings
Road drawings
Functional design specification
Electrical schematics
Turret design analysis report
Master equipment list (MEL)
Commissioning instruction
Area duct & and instrumentation diagrams (D&ID)
Engineering, procurement and manufacturing schedule
Obsolescence management plan
Safety and automation system (SAS) communication test report (UFAT)
Underground piping and cables drawings
Procedure - pickling / passivation / flushing / visual cleanliness check - multi
General arrangement drawings - Pipeline structures
Consumption/utilities list
Safety manual
GIS mapping - Survey reports
EX certificate
Fiber optical long distance cable transmission budget calculations
Single line index
Dimensional report
Watertight integrity plan
Barrier matrix
Helideck drawings (offshore)
Crossing lists
Summary table for mechanical joints (size and type)
Explosion protection certificates
Material traceability report
Relay setting table
Fiscal metering - Configuration parameters
Mechanical completion check record (MCCR) / software check record (SWCR) dossier
Pipeline protection drawing
Qualitative risk analysis report
Instrument data sheet
Pipeline survey reports and data
HVAC control philosophy
Electrical connection and wiring diagram – well completion
Calibration certificate
Tag - document cross reference
Motion analysis model
ROV marking drawings
Data sheets - Hose
Third party verifications
Telecommunication system topology diagram
Risk analysis
Landfall design report
Pneumatic connection diagram
Function description
Tie-in procedures
Chemical management plan
Hyperbaric test procedure
Spare part list
Network topology diagram
UHF/VHF radio coverage
Pressure test certificate
Commissioning report CP system (close out report)
Lighting and small power layout drawings
Structural fabrication drawings
Environment report
General arrangement drawing - Continuous anode cable
ATEX ignition source mapping report
Equipment layout drawings
Structural load plans
Operation and maintenance manual (OMM)
Safety strategy and performance standards
Utility consumption index
Process safety report
Ground investigation reports
Crossing design report
Subsea spool layout drawings
Expansion design report
Heat tracing block diagram
Final inspection and test reports
Additional studies
Pipeline route design report
Site plan
Dredging, trenching and ploughing survey reports and data
Single line diagram (supplier)
Black start philosophy
HVAC calculations / analyses
Weight control database
Supplier SIL documentation
Metocean - meterological and oceanographical reports
Flare report/flare and depressurization report
Instrumented systems - performance data
Piping fabrication records
Certificate of conformance
Spare and tools overview
Wind tunnel test report
Technical and functional requirements for unbonded flexible pipeline and riser
NDT reports
Transport and handling instructions
Pneumatic/hydraulic hook-up drawing
Thermal calculations
Main equipment list
Routing design
Lifting drawing
Positive material identification (PMI) reports
General arrangement drawing - Anode bed
Trawling interaction
Manufacturing procedure specification (MPS)
Stability operation manual
Detail cross sectional drawings with parts list
Unique equipment ID for standard equipment
Process hazop close-out report
Structural steel and aluminium structural design report (civil)
Equipment room layout drawings
Consequence analysis logic solver
Valve and operator calculations
EU declaration of conformity
Outline precommissioning procedure
Structural steel fire protection drawings (civil)
Pipe stress calculations
Product data sheet
Heat tracing isometrics
Welders certificate
Heat treatment report
Supplier master document list
Material handling report
Cross-sectional drawing
Fiscal metering - Calibration certificates
Field lay-out drawing
ALARP register
Loop information
Piping fabrication procedure
HVAC system description
Hydraulic connection diagram
Flow assurance report
Mooring system procedures
Fluid description for process design
Piping stress report
Cleanness documentation
Trawl interference design report
Wireless network coverage
Stability design reports
Design accidental load report
Working environment status
Non-destructive examination (NDE) procedure
Pre qualified manufacturers list (NORSOK M650)
Type approval certificate
Manufacturing record book
General arrangement drawings - Landfall
Connection diagram
In-place analysis report
Equipment supplier piping and instrument diagram (P&ID)
FAT report
Operational procedure for a lined pipeline
Dimensional control reports
Balancing report
Process system engineering manuals
Wall thickness design (bursting, propagating buckling, collapse)
Structure design report
Critical line list
Study report
Expansion analysis
Qualification test records / report
Instrument calculations
PAGA amplifier load list
Fire test results reports
Pipe tracking data
SIL report
HVAC bulk items index
Damage control booklet
System control diagram (SCD)
Material traceability list
System duct & instrumentation diagrams (D&ID)
Mooring system design
Data sheet
Block diagram
Piping stress isometrics
Hydraulic hose list -lifting appliances
Hydraulic system calculations
DEH system overview (delivery overview)
FMECA report
NDT procedures
Turret system report
Freeboard plan
COC - certificate of conformance
Emergency preparedness analysis
Non-destructive examination (NDE) report
Manufacturing record book (MRB) flexible pipeline and riser
Design report
Scope of supply drawing
Structural design report
OLGA as laid models
Safety layout drawings
Underground rock facilities drawings
Process flow diagrams (PFD)
Geotechnical - Geotechnical reports
Control system software documentation
Installation , operating and maintenance instructions for valves
Exemptions from specifications and other requirements in the inquiry
Packing, storage, preservation, lifting, transportation and handling procedure
3D noise simulation model
Drawings for onshore cp-system
SIT report
Acoustic/thermal insulation and fire protection plan
Bill of material (BOM)
Wall thickness design report
Shutdown hierarchy
Weighing report
HSE activity plan/program
Supplier list
Factory acceptance test (FAT) procedures
Material specification
MCCR - mechanical completion check record
Instrumented systems - loading and start up procedures
Radio link budget calculations
Penetration dossier
Fiscal metering - Design calculations
System topology diagrams
HVAC layout drawings
ROV access verification report
Data sheet - Noise
NDT operator certificates
Safety and automation system (SAS) communication interface test procedure (UFAT)
Data sheets -Weight
Tie-in manual
PMI reports
Anode index
Hydraulic systems calculations for open drain and tunnel systems
Welding procedure qualification record (WPQR)
Index information
Scope of supply
Design documentation of permanent auxiliary installations
Software function description
Valve and operator drawings
Underground piping hydraulic system calculation
Process datasheet
Concrete structural design report
Structural fire protection drawings
Equipment installation & retrieval procedure
Workshop maintenance manuals
Inspection and test plan
Pigging procedures
On-bottom stability report
Process simulation reports
Hazid / hazop report
Additional documentation for gas turbine exhaust systems
Installation, operation and maintenance instructions
Fabrication record book (FRB)
EFAT procedure
Repair & abandonment procedure
Supplier calculations
Part list
Software documentation
Field instrument installation drawing typical
Alarm C&H (context & hiding)
Weight certificate
Technology qualification report
HVAC design philosophy
System and operation documents
Fiscal metering - Uncertainty analysis
Interface drawing
Circuit / wiring diagram
Welding procedure qualification record
Tank plan
Declaration of conformity
DEH rating report
Technology qualification program
Nodal diagrams
Marking drawing
Area classification source of release
Positive material identification (PMI) procedure
Manufacturing drawing
FAT procedure
Well tracjectory
Seebed intervention report
DFI resumes
Audio and video entertainment distribution network (coaxial cable) test report
Utility consumption report
Process safety schematics
Structural steel and aluminium. main, secondary and outfitting drawings (civil)
Installation procedures onshore CP system
Dynamic (installation) load case analysis
Pipe support index
Qualification dossier for bending
Overview of permanent auxiliary installations
3D CAD model - offshore, onshore and subsea
Weight control procedure
Field layout drawing
Alarm classification
Electrical connection and wiring diagram - instrument
Material selection report
Calculations, curves and tables
Swivel system report
Anode details and layout
Lubrication list
Hydraulic circuit diagrams - lifting appliances
Telecommunication signal level diagram
Riser hang off drawings
Landfall construction drawings
DEH maintenance and repair procedure
Freespan analysis report
Flowline routing
Fiscal metering - Flow meter selection report
Manufacturing record book (MRB) for linepipe
Mooring analysis reports
Coaxial cable test reports
Area classification drawings
Electrical/fiberoptical hook-up drawing - well completion
WLAN coverage
Welding report / log
Non-conformity report
Schematics including hook-up information
Design calculations and analyses report
Safety data sheet
General arrangment drawing
Assembly procedure
Pressure chart dossier (drilling / completion )
Fibre optical cabling (platform / facility internal) test reports
Dimensional control procedure
Automation functional specifications
Inspection and monitoring program flexible pipeline and riser
Overall single line diagram
SIS functional safety information
Dispatch dossier
Valve and operator test reports
Battery limit drawings
MCB/fuse schedule
Qualification test procedure
Installation, operation and maintenance manual (IOM manual) for CP
Electrical calculations / analyses
Material selection
Cable routing
Instrument field equipment layout drawings
Quality plan
Parameter setting tables
Telecommunication power supply load list
System design basis
Data and telephone cabling network test reports
Isolating component drawings
Plot plan drawings
Report - Noise test - HSE
Tie-in design report
Electrical load list
Certificate for use - lifting appliances
Soil interaction report
Hydraulic system calculation analysis
Test results onshore CP system, coating quality and insulating joint
Welding plan
Mooring component certificate and fabrication documentation
Routine test report
Lifting certificate
General arrangement drawing - Anchoring structures and wall penetrations
Design accidental loads report
Foundation design report
Material certificate
Concrete detail drawings
Assembly drawing
Equipment heat emission
Structural fabrication records
Inspection and maintenance philosophy for pipelines
Photo archive - subsea systems
Offloading system arrangement report
Seabed intervention design report
Design specification
Satellite link budget calculations
Hardware loop typicals
SIT procedure
Documentation for dispatch, receipt, storage and preservation
Weld summary index
3D view model
Bending procedure
Installation design report
PAGA coverage measurements reports
Slewing ring / foundation bolts tension table
Weighing procedure
Blast load calculation
Model test reports
Radar coverage calculations
Instrument/telecom. earthing distribution. schematic diagram
Piping component calculations
Electrical field equipment layout drawings
Cause & effect (C&E) for interlock and intertrip
Insulating joints design report
Ready for operation (RFO) close out report
Test procedures onshore CP system, coating quality and insulating joint
Tag and equipment list
ROV task list
Data sheets - Well completion equipment
Level instrument arrangement drawings
PO declaration of compliance
General arrangement drawing
Rock installation survey reports and data
Transportation analysis report
Fiscal metering - Fiscal metering calculations
Manufacturing and quality control records
Stability analysis model
Architectural layout drawings
Inclination test report
Software documentation - lifting appliances
Welding procedure specification (WPS)
Seabed & topographic survey reports and data
General arrangement drawings - Bore hole and casing
Design requirements for process and utility systems
Concrete structures reinforcement drawings
Structural steel and aluminium. main, secondary and outfitting drawings
Working environment summary report
Pigability data
Weight report
Installation and handling manual flexible pipeline and riser
Pipe stress procedure
Operation manual flexible pipeline and riser
Heat treatment procedure
Fire test certificate
Piping and instrument diagram (P&ID)
Slewing ring/foundation bolts tension table - lifting appliances
Fibre optical long-distance cable test report
Air flow diagrams
Electrical block diagrams
Cable ladder/trays >=300 mm layout drawings
RAM analysis
Telecommunication field equipment layout drawings
Flow schematic
Insulating joints drawing
Piping isometrics
Repair philosophy
IS calculations
Spare parts interchangeability register (SPIR)
Coating procedure
Wiring diagrams for onshore cathodic protection
Antenna tower layout drawings
Electrical power system philosophy
Non-conformance / concession reports / technical queries
Welding procedure specification
Technical tag hierarchy (TTH)
Liner system information
Preservation and storage instructions
General arrangement drawing (subsea)
Concrete structures geometry drawings
Master grid report
Manufacturing record book (MRB)
Factory acceptance test (FAT) report
Structural analysis model
As-built drawings (info)
Fatigue service life design report
Detail drawing with parts list
Noise data sheet
Contractor's LCI execution strategy
Excavation, fill and grading drawings
Structure fabrication procedure

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